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What people are saying about Strap Pad®

 I love the Strap Pad. It makes riding the lift so much easier. And getting off the chair isn't something to be afraid of any more. In fact, when people fall trying to get off the chair in front of you, it is usually a guaranteed fall on the pile. Now, with the Strap Pad, I have control of the board enough to avoid these situations. Great idea! Wish I'd have thought of this. 

Tim C

 I came across this online while was looking for the perfect stomp pad for me as a beginner boarder. I now have no problem getting off the lifts without falling and it's great to use while on the lift to support the board and even works great as a handle. I'd recommend this to anyone. Definitely money well spent.  

Oakdale, Ca

 Great idea for a product, with a rebuilt left knee this will be a lifesaver riding the lifts.  

Bob C
Sutton, MA

 Yesterday I went riding, and the strap pad was fantastic. I always struggle getting off the lifts, but with the strap pad it was like having the rear binding secured. Still not pretty, but at least now I'm riding off the lift 9 out of 10 times, as opposed to falling off the lift with the old stomp pad. Thanks for a great product ! 

David M
New Providence, NJ

 I have bad knees and the product really eased some of the discomfort associated with hanging a heavy board from one leg up a long lift ride. Kudos to you. 

Bryan B
Eden, UT

 Your product rocks! I got it from Hangar 94 in San Diego and am absolutely in love with it. It makes for one less hassle on the mountain so I can focus on riding. Great product! 

George B
San Diego, Ca

 I was shopping around for a stomp pad for my board and I came across the Strap Pad. And I thought to myself, "This has got to be the biggest and best snowboard innovation in years. What took so long to invent this awesome product! So simple and is a no-brainer for beginner and intermediate boarders" I immediately bought it without hesitation. I'm so tired of being embarrassed every time I eat it coming off the lift as I don't have control of my board since I don't have that "strapped in" feel. I can't wait to use it this season and tell everyone about it. It will be a great conversation piece whenever I ride up the lifts with strangers. More power to your company and I look forward to seeing your new designs and colors. 

Jeffrey T
San Diego, CA

 I am quite happy with the Strap Pad®. It makes a BIG target for my foot and it is quite stable to the point where I am not sure I even need the strap. Initially I thought it would be difficult to place my foot under the strap or to slide my foot out of the strap but that is not the case. It gives a beginning-intermediate snowboarder like me an added sense of security when exiting the lift and relieves the weight on my lead foot and knee while sitting on the lift . It works as advertised. 

George A
San Jose, CA

 I love the Strap Pad® - this is my 3rd one I\'ve purchased as I think they are the best creation!.. I am a big advocate of the Strap Pad® - there are many jealous borders on the lifts that see my strap and want to know where I got it. Thanks for the great product. 

Meg R
La Mesa, CA

 That is the best stomp pad ever. It makes it so easy to go up the lift. Thanks - it\'s an awesome product. 

Manish N
San Francisco, CA

 The Strap Pad® worked wonderfully for me this season. I just started snowboarding this year... and as a beginner at boarding, it definitely caught my attention what with the ease of getting off the chairlifts... It got a lot of attention when I began riding with it - everyone was asking about it and where I got it. It really takes the stress off your leading leg when you\\\'re waiting on the lift. I like the fact that it\\\'s clear, so it doesn\\\'t cover up the designs on your board. The adhesive is industrial strength so you don\\\'t have to worry about it coming off... The Strap Pad is a great device that can fit the needs of anyone, whether they are beginners or pros. 

Lindsay S
Campbell River, British Columbia

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